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  • The Financial Times published the article titled, "The fight to save hummus from extinction" written by Rebecca Seal featuring the Chickpea Innovation Lab and the work spearheaded by Douglas Cook.
  • The Chickpea Innovation Lab was featured in a U.S. Feed The Future online news article posted September 24, 2023 by Brandon Jetter titled, "The Challenge of Taking Chickpea Innovations from the Lab to the Field".
  • The Cook lab with Alex Greenlon as first author published the paper titled "Global-level population genomics reveals differential effects of geography and phylogeny on horizontal gene transfer in soil bacteria" in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America) July 2023. Article PDF
  • The new BBC World News and BBC Future series, Follow the Food, will explorer how farmers, scientists and engineers hope to improve the efficiency and sustainability of our food. The work being done by Douglas Cook and the Chickpea Innovation Lab will be highlighted in one of the episodes as noted in this article about the series.
    • BBC Follow The Food Series Article ssr 下载 
    • Video
  • Chickpea research and the need for diversity is the focus of a crops and commodities opinion article called, Beyond Hummus, by Foodtank. The article features the Chickpea Innovation Lab and Douglas Cook. Article -->  ssr 下载
  • The article by Amanda Mull, "In the Future, Everything Will Be Made of Chickpeas: America is finally embracing an ingredient that much of the world has relied on for millennia", in The Atlantic  (March 2023) discusses the health benefits of chickpea as referenced by Douglas Cook, UC Davis Professor and Chickpea Lab Director. Article --> LinkArrow2.jpg
  • Steve Jefferies, Grains Research and Development Corporation managing director, talks about how global chickpea diversity is key to expanding Western Australia's pulse production in two articles - Farm Weekly LinkArrow2.jpg and Grain Central. LinkArrow2.jpg
  • The Chickpea Root Project is a new partner program led by the University of Edinburgh. 电脑版ssr如何使用 
  • UC Davis Professor and Program Director Douglas Cook presented, "Harnessing advanced crop science to raise legume productivity" ssr 下载, during the second day of the 7th International Food Legumes Research Conference (IFLRC), May 2018.
  • The team published a landmark paper in Nature Communications describing the diversity and functional attributes of chickpea’s cross wild relatives titled, "Ecology and genomics of an important crop wild relative as a prelude to agricultural innovation". LinkArrow2.jpg

  • Agrilinks announce May 1, 2018 that it is teaming up with Climatelinks and the climate team at the USAID Bureau for Food Security to look at a set of critical issues facing today’s food producers. The article titled, "Weathering the Storm: Agrilinks Turns to Climate & Resilient Agriculture This May "LinkArrow2.jpg is available on the Agrilinks website.

  • In May 2018, Agrilinks published an interview with Douglas Cook, Director of the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Climate Resilient Chickpea, as the first article in a series for climate, weather and resilient agriculture. The article titled, "Toward a More Resilient Chickpea: Q&A with Innovation Lab Director Doug Cook" LinkArrow2.jpgis available on the Agrilinks website.

  • An article titled "New insights into improving genetic diversity of chickpea", 电脑下载ssr in the March 20, 2018 Food Technology magazine newsletter, the IFTNEXT, highlights the Chickpea Lab's goals and objectives.

  • February 22, 2018, Nature Research Ecology & Evolution Community published an article titled, "Behind the Scenes: The Hunt for Wild Chickpeas" written by Dr. Eric Bishop von Wettberg.

  • ssr 下载UC Davis Professor and Program Director Douglas Cook gave a talk titled, "Pulses: The Heroes of Nutrition & Agricultural Sustainability" on October 5, 2016. The seminar was hosted live online and is available for viewing. 
    • Video of Dr. Cook's presentation. ssr 下载
    • PDF of Dr. Cook's Powerpoint Presentation 电脑ssr软件

More News - Current and Archived

USAID Project

This project fosters breeding of high‑yielding, climate resilient chickpea within the context of user‑preferred traits: seed quality and nutrient density, reduced inputs due to climate resilient nitrogen fixation, and biotic stress resistance among them. We have identified and are introducing newly collected wild alleles into diverse high performing elite cultivars. These efforts will make chickpea more resilient to climatic variation, and in the process help alleviate rural poverty, reduce childhood malnutrition, and increase food security for smallholder farmers.  More-->


Chickpea and its wild relatives have a natural capacity for nitrogen fixation, reducing their dependence on fertilizer nitrogen. Nevertheless domesticated legumes, including chickpea, often suffer from low and/or variable rates of nitrogen fixation. This project bridges ecology and molecular biology by means of genomics and quantitative biology to identify and subsequently analyze genes involved in the establishment of the legume rhizobial symbiosis.  More-->


This project includes the dual focuses of (1) curation, increase and distribution of wild germplasm, and (2) analysis of drought tolerance among representative wild accessions. Water availability is critical during reproduction and grain filling, and thus is a key factor in yield. Plant traits that conserve soil moisture even when water is not limiting are likely to be relevant for yield improvement under limiting water conditions, especially in chickpea where the most relevant water stress is terminal drought. More-->

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The CGIAR Consortium Research Program 3.5 on Grain Legumes will: (1) assess molecular diversity among C. reticulatum and C. echinospermum accessions held by CGIAR repositories, and (2) contribute to establishing the genome structure of wild C. reticulatum and C. echinospermum based on long-read sequencing. These molecular tools will facilitate association mapping and introgression breeding for several CRP-GL product line objectives.

Mars Incorporated

Mars Incorporated provided a gift to facilitate genomic and genetic analysis of pre-breeding populations in chickpea. Their investement serves to accelerate trait-marker discovery. The outomes will improve the speed and precision of crop improvement through molecular breeding for key factors important to developing world agriculture. Mars Incorporated funds research to address critical challenges related to food, agriculture and health. For more information, please visit Mars Science and Innovation website LinkArrow2.jpg and the 2013 Press Release ssr 下载for the announcement detailing the company’s Principles-led approach to business and its commitments.

2Blades Foundation

The 2Blades Foundation provided a gift to work on Fusarium wilt. This new activity combines efforts with Plant Pathologists and Breeders at the International Center for Agriculture Research in the Dry Areas and the Ethiopian Institute for Agricultural Research. The project aims to understand genomic diversity of the devastating Fusarium wilt pathogen within Ethiopia and to use this information to facilitate breeding of improved chickpea varieties. The funding will also provide support for two Ethiopian PhD students. Link to information about the 2Blades Foundation gift 电脑ssr软件.


The Australian Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) provided a grant to UC Davis to establish our wild species collection, which has been characterized at the genome level and is now being used for agronomic trait assessment and genetic introgression by our breeding and agronomy teams. GRDC also funds a large, multi-institutional project within Australia, focused on the physiology of drought and plant maturity, nitrogen fixation, nematode resistance and molecular breeding.


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Chickpea Root Project - University of Edinburgh

Led by the University of Edinburgh, the Chickpea Root Project aims to improve chickpea growth and maintain yields by increasing root system depth as a means to access water under dry conditions. The program focuses on visualization tools so that varieties and breeds more suited to dry conditions can be rapidly identified and tested in the field. More-->

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